A map with stickers for kids – KRAKOW OLD TOWN


A perfect map for little hands!

This map was created to make exploring the Old Town in Krakow enjoyable for children!

We hope that kids will find joy in discovering and sticking stickers while exploring, and parents will be able to stroll peacefully and soak in the atmosphere of beautiful Krakow.

The map can be purchased in person at selected locations in Krakow:

  • Hello Handmade Store, 20 Floriańska Street (city center)
  • LEGO Bricks Exhibition „World Under Construction,” 15/7 Floriańska Street (city center)
  • Kraków Story, Plac Wszystkich Świętych 2 (city center)




What’s included on the map:

  • 12 landmarks for children to locate during a stroll, and when found, they can place a corresponding sticker in the designated spot
  • 5 tasks to complete at the Main Market Square, introducing the city’s history and legends
  • Badges of a little CRACOVIAN that can be affixed to the back of the map or anywhere else once tasks are completed and all points are visited

Notable museums, restaurants, cafes with play corners, other interesting places, and playgrounds are also marked on the map. On the back of each landmark or place with a sticker, there’s a brief description with key information and interesting facts. Additionally, a list of addresses for the mentioned places is provided.

Who is this map for?

  • Children of preschool and school age, as well as younger ones, because what child doesn’t enjoy stickers?
  • Schools and kindergartens for field trips.

Furthermore, the map can serve as a beautiful souvenir of the visit, creating a poster to hang on the wall after affixing stickers.

Additional information:

Edited by: Dominika Szmidt

Graphics: Karolina Kot

Format: Printed product, A3 map format, A4 sticker format

ISBN: 978-83-965465-3-1

1st Edition

Krakow 2023

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